“From my school years, I had great difficulty into deciding the direction of my academic career. Noting also that, I had little knowledge about the procedures regarding applying to a university. In Alpha Academic Consultants, they provided me helpful guide to decide the most suited course for me as well as to which universities to apply. Adding on, during the necessary procedures of applying to UCAS undergraduate they closely guided me with their expertise in the field. Enrolling to Cyprus Foundation Course as advised, I have greatly enriched my knowledge on the subject of Humanitarian Arts. Moreover, through my academic experience at the Cyprus Foundation Course I have vastly improved my knowledge on the English language, as well as developing critical thinking. Overall, I had great time during the preparatory period, as my classmates and teachers were very friendly, resulting to our keen friendship.”

Amir Rasulev
Business and Law pathway 2020

“I registered at CYPF foundation on the distance learning pathway as I am currently studying the English Language in the UK.  I will also have in class sessions upon my return to Cyprus. This course prepares me to be ready for my entry to Accounting and Finance in UK Universities. I Also study important syllabus in my specific field of studies.  My lecturers and the CYPF management and administration teams are very helpful and supportive.  I would highly recommend CYPF to all students wishing to study a foundation course.”

Demetris Kodjiapashis
Business pathway 2020

“This year of experience helped me to develop skills and qualifications which will be required and very helpful for the following years in the University. I am following the Biomedical Science pathway which prepares me for entry onto Nutrition and Dietetics in the UK. This course is very demanding and admission limited in the UK universities but having followed the course at CYPF and with the continuing support and advise of the consultants here my applications have been successful. I am now looking forward to obtain required results to enter the university of my Choice. Highly recommend this course to all students interested. “

Efi Christofi
Biomedical Sciences pathway 2020

“My experience at CYPF has been extremely beneficial to me as I have learned so much. Through my studies at CYPF I gained important academic knowledge and skills in my preferred course of studies. I am studying the Computing pathway which is following specific course modules which I enjoy a lot. Our lecturers make the course very interesting and they are very supportive. I believe CYPF was the best choice I could make as I feel part of a family and I am been looked after on a daily basis. School management and lecturers are very friendly and at the same time very autoreactive keeping a balance to the necessary education level offered. My time at CYPF offered me excellent experiences, I made valuable friends and most importantly helped me succeed in my applications to UK Universities. “

Anastasis Apostolou
Computing pathway 2020

“1. My name is Filippos Christofidis and I completed the Computing Pathway at CYPF Foundation course. I was following the course partially online and in class delivery as during my studies I was also service my national quad service in Cyprus. The experiences I gained were amazing and the help, personal support and advice by the school team and the lecturers was amazing. I truly thank the whole team for this opportunity given to me which other than the academic knowledge received I saved time and money as if not studying at CYPF I would need to spend a year extra abroad and prior my studies. “

Filippos Christofidies
BSC Computing Northumbria University

“The Foundation Course Cyprus (CYPF) has helped me tremendously with achieving my goals in getting into a very respectable and recognized university in the United Kingdom. I followed the Biomedical Sciences pathway as a route to my desire course in the UK. I am very pleased that I could be part of this course and would definitely without a doubt recommend it to anyone looking to do a foundation course. “

Michalis Procopiou
BSc Sport Science, Salford University

“Registering on this course really helped me further my my English understanding on core modules necessary for my future degree in Bsc Computer Science. These modules I previously studied them in Greek and therefore the knowledge and tuition I received will greatly help me succeed at my chosen university which is a Russel Group one. The foundation course opened many doors and offered me further opportunities I didn’t have the choice from before. It is an remarkable stepping stone for my future.”

Antonis Theodorou
BSc Computer Science

“1. Reaching the end of my studies at CYPF I felt 100% satisfied with my choice as via the professionalism of the school teams and personal support I received I managed to secure a place at the university of my choice which is within the Russel Group in the UK. At CYPF I was able to bypass each and every difficulty and concerned I personally faced as I always had the valuable collaboration of my lecturers and consultants. Although I graduated with very good results from high school and already held my English certificates I wanted to enter into a High Ranked University in the UK which was achieved my foundation studies at CYPF. I recommend the course with no doubt. “

Nikolas Hadjisavvas
BSc Computer Science, University of Sheffield

“My experience in Cypf could only be described as quick, effective and targeted at the sole purpose of finding me a good University.Ideal for a mature student returning back to academia. Not to mention Cypf did well on enriching my educational level to match the level of my chosen Degree.Highly recommended on my behalf.”

George Mistrellides
Mechanical engineering with Automotive Design – Brunel University, London