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What is a foundation course?

Why study at CYPF?

A foundation course is an accredited academic program that will prepare you for entry to an undergraduate degree at University level. Foundation courses are specifically designed for students who want to study abroad, such as in Europe or the USA, for students who missed entry requirements for the university of their choice and for students who are still having trouble in choosing the right course for them. Studying a foundation course will help you achieve the right level of qualifications and academic skills to successfully undertake a degree at University. Extra English modules are included within the syllabus to help students who require additional English language support. Our foundation year is usually available as a three or two semester program which is made up of academic modules and specific modules related to your chosen subject. We also offer the summer foundation course which is designed as a fast route and requires higher motivation and attainment from the student. Choosing CYPF as your foundation school you are offered specialized tuition according to your own needs and academic background, you are given personal attention to help achieve your goals, you are tested on your living abroad aptitudes by living nearby your home, you save lots of money on tuition fees and living expenses. You will be embraced by the renowned Mediterranean culture which helps you feel at home away from home. You will get the opportunity to visit the country of your preference alongside with our academic staff in order to introduce you into the different cultures and teaching variances. You will get the chance to make lifetime friends whom you will be moving onto university with. Finally, we give you our guarantee for successful entry into the University of your choice!