Pancyprian & Panhellenic Examination

What is Pancyprian Examination?

The objective of the Pancyprian Examinations is the award of the School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion) to graduate students of Secondary Education, as well as the admission to the Public Higher Education Institutions of Cyprus and Greece. Pancyprian Examinations are conducted in the second half of May till the first half of June. Pancyprian Examinations are University admission examinations that are nationwide examined and are considered, agreed and run by the state.  The examination are equal and same for all partakers. Students who wish to be passed into a Cypriot or Greek university are required join evening private preparatory schools (frontistirion) in order to be well prepared.

Our team is ready to provide high quality services both in Academic and counselling area. Our experienced teachers are able to support potential students in the following subjects:

What will you Study:

  • Modern Greek – Ancient Greek – History – Latin
  • Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Computer Science – Technology
  • Economics – Accounting
  • Fine art – Architecturalar Design – Free Perspective Drawing.

Our counselling team is able to guide and complete the admission form correctly and assist student to organise their daily study in order to fulfil their goals.

What will you Study:

By the completion of each academic year, our programme is eligible for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

• Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) is an opportunity for students to be credited for learning that they have done before they started at the University. It avoids the necessity of duplicating previous learning, whilst ensuring students have attained the learning outcomes appropriate to their award.